movement and body in acting for the screen

Developing physical flexibility, strength and release through a variety of movement traditions.

There is often dissatisfaction for many of us when it comes to the way we view and feel about our body. We will begin to understand how to embrace our body with kindness and compassion bringing the body and mind together with a fresh, calm energy and begin to truthfully know and accept the body we live in. Delicacy is important when working with the body however the premise of playfulness is paramount to open our hearts to a truthful connection to the body therefore the self.

Screen Actors | Movement Training

When we really inhabit ourselves, we can as Actors more easily read and trust our instincts. To truly know one self in all ways can be a life long journey but we can have a lot of joy along the way. It will be gentle, sometimes difficult as well as fun working together with what we have – the truth of our bodies.

Body work will involve basic warm up, physical awareness of the body in space , meditation, practical and playful exploration of body language both affect and gesture. A meditative approach to letting go of preconceived assumptions of one self.

Screen Actors Space Movement Training | Yoga

Screen Actors | Movement Training

Screen Actors Space Movement Training

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