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This is a one year course in screen acting, voice and movement, starting February 4 2019, four terms till December 2019, under the guidance of some of the top Australian teachers all of whom have worked extensively in the film and TV industry. Apply Now

Course Overview

Our teachers include: Stephen Wallace, director of six feature films including Stir, Blood Oath and Turtle Beach, Bryan Brown’s first film The Love Letters from Teralba Road, plus numerous television productions including Flying Doctors and Water Rats; Ross McGregor, a revered and sought-after teacher who has taught at NIDA, WAAPA,VCA, The Actors’ Centre (London) as well as directing TV like Neighbours as well as 60 plays; Chrissie Koltai famous for a forty five year career in movement and dance; and Lisa Schouw, an Aria nominated teacher of voice, acting and singing.

Screen Actors Course | Teaching Acting for the ScreenAs teachers of acting with many years of experience we are interested in working with a small group of motivated students where we can cater our teaching to the individual acting student. We are interested in teaching without a set curriculum or style, to develop a way to find what each student needs to find their path to the freedom of acting with ease. While structured classes will be part of the process we will keep the individual student in mind.

Importantly, all teachers will provide a safe environment where trust is firmly established and where teachers and students together can begin to engage with, understand and quietly remove the barriers that get in the way of accessing the connection to the acting process.

We encourage and promote positive self-reflection as a path to healthy acting without which there can be no progress. To this end we offer hard work in a creative, simple and safe place to develop your talent.

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Exploring different methods, both established and new. We will concentrate on finding the most appropriate ones to suit your personal processes of learning, the understanding of human nature and how to build character and personality. How to improvise, how to research, how to build and express character.

Our philosophy is that acting in the moment, getting to the end of a thought, is essential to success and is dependent on craft as much as instinct.

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voice acting

Finding your central note. Breathing. Necessary accents, (particularly American). Developing structured personal exercises. Examining and analysing your vocal tensions and habits towards developing a free and flexible sound.

Voice development is a slow and personal process, dependent on the understanding of where the one you use originates. It is the result of muscle memory and may need re-figuring.

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movement and body in acting for the screen

Developing physical flexibility, strength and release through a variety of movement traditions.

There is often dissatisfaction for many of us when it comes to the way we view and feel about our body. We will begin to understand how to embrace our body with kindness and compassion bringing the body and mind together with a fresh, calm energy and begin to truthfully know and accept the body we live in. Delicacy is important when working with the body however the premise of playfulness is paramount to open our hearts to a truthful connection to the body therefore the self.

When we really inhabit ourselves, we can as Actors more easily read and trust our instincts. To truly know one self in all ways can be a life long journey but we can have a lot of joy along the way. It will be gentle, sometimes difficult as well as fun working together with what we have – the truth of our bodies.

Body work will involve basic warm up, physical awareness of the body in space , meditation, practical and playful exploration of body language both affect and gesture. A meditative approach to letting go of preconceived assumptions of one self.

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Script Analysis for Acting for the Screen
Script Analysis

You will learn the basic tenants of story-telling on the screen. Also how to read the orchestration and meaning of individual scenes without knowledge of the rest of the script. This can be useful to you when you are auditioning. We will examine punctuation, structure, subtext and themes. You will be writing personal histories and turning incidents into scenes. read more

acting for the screen with greater self-awareness
Unpacking Personal & Artistic Obstacles

You will be asked develop greater self-awareness, allowing the dissolving of personal blocks, through exercises and open discussions. read more

personal development for screen acting
Personal Development Outside Class

You will be required to undertake, as part of your course:
  1. READ SCRIPTS AND BOOKS. Reading scripts of your own choice and speaking to them in class discussion. Read an instructional method publication and speak to it in class. Learn all lines required for class. Find scenes that you wish to perform in class.
  2. SHOOTING SCENES. Shoot an occasional scene on your iphone as part of a four person crew and actors.
  3. PHYSICAL FITNESS. All or some of the below, with structured regular hours. Physical fitness cannot and will not be taught in class as a primary element but it will be required, as it is in the industry. Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Walking.
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technicals for screen acting

You will learn how to work with a camera and with a crew, how to use your voice on film, working with a sound recordist, how to achieve continuity of performance, how a scene is broken down in cinema, how to keep consistency in the scene, how to use things like a telephone or green screen, how to improvise for film. You will learn the various shot sizes and camera movements you have to work with, working with a dolly, crane and hand held cameras, or in a car and other small spaces.

You will learn who’s who is a film crew and how to approach them, how to approach and prepare for auditions, pre and post production etiquette, ADR (post sync) and voice over techniques, terminologies, rehearsal and blocking for setups on set.

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casting and screen tests when acting for the screen
Casting, Screen Tests & Industry Contact Lists

This will be focused on in the latter stages of the course. Top casting agents will advise you on approaching agents and screen tests.

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acting showreel
The Showreel

There will be a showing of class work and appraisal at the end of the first six months, and then, at the end of the course a full public screening and assessment of your professionally directed and produced show reel, tailored to your personal skills, type and technical craft abilities.

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Course Curriculum

Term One: Feb 4 to April 9 2019


Introduction to acting with both Stephen Wallace and Ross McGregor; learning basic techniques of performance, improvisation, how to analyse a script. What is acting? What is reading? What is story telling? Playing short scenes, learning about on set and film etiquette and exploring your possible style.

Acting Scene for Screen Acting

MOVEMENT (Chrissy Koltai)

The classes will be taught to the student group presenting so the order or complexity may change.

All students need to wear tights and T-shirts or clothes that allow line and form to be observable. Clothing needs to be modest and respectful.

Students need to bring:
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga Foam Block Firm not bendy.
  • Yoga Belt
  • Soft light, quiet working shoes.

The body mind relationship.

Begin to develop a positive body image.

Yoga/ meditation.

The joy of moving.

Spatial awareness.

Body dexterity.



Term Two: April 15 to June 25 2019


Playing more complex scenes and exercises, broadening acting methods from Stanislavsky to Meisner, adjustments, building a character, emphasis on continuity both in scenes and throughout a protracted shoot. Working with cameras, tracking and following, acting without dialogue, using more complex techniques for character building and emotional scene playing. Learning to tell the story. Learning to DO the action. Start of unpacking obstacles and telling your own story.

At the end of this term there will be a ‘show and tell’ screening of the best exercises done.

MOVEMENT (Chrissy Koltai)

Continuing Body mind relationship.

Begin to understand what’s getting in the way.


Deepening improvisation and dexterity skills.


: Class continues

Voice Acting | Acting for the Screen

Term Three: July 22 to September 24 2019


Group scenes, sustaining a character, learning techniques to ‘stay in the scene’, practising to get to the ‘end of the thought’, sustaining a character and a mood. Continue and develop telling the story, unpacking obstacles, working technically on a set. Love scenes, fight scenes, silent scenes, scenes of high emotion. Introduction to green screen.

Acting Film Drama Course


Continue. Body/mind relationship.

Accepting and learning to work with limitations.


Improvisation/understanding and creating physical metaphor

Gesture and unspoken language.

Vocalisation of movement.


Start of Accent training, voice presentation with specialist teacher.

Term Four: September 30 to November 26 2019

Final green screen training, understanding and planning for auditions, ADR and voice over training with specialists, Planning and rehearsing for show reel shoot and the shooting of the show reels.

This term will mostly given over to preparation for the show reels.

SAS | The Screen Actors Space


VOICE ADR and Voice-over training with specialists plus specialist Accent training.


  • Acting Scene for Screen Acting
  • Voice Acting | Acting for the Screen
  • Acting a scene for Screen
  • Acting Film Drama Course
  • SAS Screen Acting Course

Course Details

Class Times:
Mondays Morning 10 am to 1pm
Monday Afternoon 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday Evening 6.30pm to 9.30pm

We will be selecting an intake of 12-15 students for the one year course beginning 0n February 4, 2019. Entry to the course is by audition only. Early applications will now close on Friday December 7, 2018. Late applications close Monday December 16, 2018 (with $15 extra charge).

Late late applications close January 10, 2019.

Face to face audition dates: Friday December 14 from 9.30am  to 5.30pm  and Monday December 17 from 9.30am to 9.30 pm.  A reserve date for late auditions is Monday January 14, 2019 from 10am till 5pm.

To enquire more about fees or the course email us at

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